There are two things about Network TV that have always bothered me: #1 we’ve always had to revolve our lives around the network’s time-table in order to see the shows we want… #2 we could always purchase an entire season of a show on DVD, but how many times are you really going to watch a TV program?  maybe twice?

Somebody finally came up with a reasonable answer… and who other than Apple to make it happen!  In a very extensive interview with Bloomberg business & financial news, people in-the-know (who refused to be identified) state that apple is currently working with Fox, with additional conversations going on with Walt Disney (ABC), CBS & NBC, to offer a great deal of their programming for rent through iTunes.

While current price-points for purchasing TV shows are around $1.99 each, renting a program (which will give you 48hrs  to watch once downloading) is expected to be only $.99.  For me… $.99 to watch a program when I’m ready to watch it, and not have to pay for cable with DVR, sounds fan-freakin-tastic!  Plus, it’s said that the rentals will be available within 24hrs of airing live… and be commercial free.  Hazaahhh!!!!

While this can be viewed as Apple’s fight back against Netflix, Hulu & Amazon… I think this is more of a blow to Network & Cable TV than anything else.

Apple is holding a launch event September 7th to discuss a few things… and considering it lands around 2 weeks before Premieres start, that would be the perfect time to kick-off the new service.  Plus, with the revised AppleTV this couldn’t be more ideal.

I’m excited WGUBers… what do you think?

You can read the entire story on Bloomberg HERE