The APL Concept 1 was recently banned from use by NBA players because the league feels it will give players who wear it an unfair competitive advantage.  Sucks for them, but still makes it one of the most bad ass shoes on the market today.  And at $300 a pair we would hope they have the goods to deliver on claims. 

The patent-pending Load ‘N Launch™ technology is implanted in a cavity in the forefoot of the shoe and is designed to provide an instant improvement in vertical leap.* The device works in conjunction with the high-performance materials of the outsole, midsole, insole and sock liner to create a performance experience unlike any other basketball shoe.

  • Carbon fiber look synthetic upper materials are ultra-lightweight
  • Load ‘N Launch™ forefoot device designed to increase vertical leap instantly
  • High-Rebound, carbon fiber wash EVA midsole for superior cushioning and energy return
  • Crystal rubber outsole for long-lasting performance and visual appeal
  • High-grade Thermoplastic Urethane shank for heel-to-forefoot stability and shock absorption
  • Load ‘N Launch™ sock liner featuring rebound EVA, APSPOX and Poron for maximum comfort, shock absorption and performance.
  • High-impact EVA insole for maximum comfort and cushioning
  • Clear window on outsole makes technology visible

Look, we don’t see the problem with giving guys that can already dunk a shoe that will help them dunk easier.  But rules are rules.  Either way, this shoe will help us white boys get some hops on the court.  Will it help us stop throwing bricks?  Doubtful.  But at the most, at least we can call ourselves rebels in the shoe department. 

We hope that we can someday get the NBA to give us tons of free advertising by having a product that was banned.  But until then, pick up a pair of these and you can get free shipping.