**Warning** old school Atari gamers are about to pee their pants a little!!!

Those dope cats at thinkgeek.com are at it again… the ultimate in geek-chic… the Atari Classic Game Wall Decals ($35-45).  These Vinyl peel and stick decals are super easy to apply, all they need is your wall and a little creative placement.  Make any flat surface look like Asteroids, Centipede, or even Pong!  Plus, these are officially licensed by the people at Atari so these can be proudly displayed at any office or game-room.  Here’s a little more about it as described by thinkgeek:

In the beginning, there was Atari…

Millions of years ago, if a geek wanted to play videogames, he had to take a pocketful of quarters to the mall where darkened rooms filled with 6-foot-tall cabinets bleeped and blooped in glowing 8-bit goodness. Before we measured the quality of our games in voxels, we had to use our imaginations and believe that jagged white lines were massive hurtling asteroids, and that a triangle was your intrepid starship attempting to navigate the void. We fantasized that a simple white line was Bjorn Borg, and that a single pixel of light was a tennis ball being smashed at Jimmy Connors’ racket, or that shooting the head of a centipede would turn it in into a mushroom.

The Elder Gods of the Internet call that era back in the day. It was a day of wonder – where bits were downloaded at a blistering three-hundred per second, hard-drives were the size of small Eastern-European cars, and digital watches were a pretty neat idea. The Elder Gods look upon those days fondly, and look for ways to remind themselves of those heady days when you could hack a telephone with a cereal box whistle.

So, in an effort to bring a little bit of the past into the present day, these vinyl decals were created to turn any wall into a gigantic representation of the classic Atari videogames Asteroids, Centipede or Pong. Just peel and stick and you can relive those ancient and halcyon days of whooping flying saucers, spinning potentiometers as controllers, and falling fleas that fart fungus.

Asteroids Centipede Pong
  • Not designed to be movable once placed
  • Features

    • Asteroids
      • 65 Re-stickable decals
      • Various size asteroids, ships, explosions, lasers and text
      • 4″ to 20″ in diameter
      • Black on clear
    • Centipede
      • 97 Re-stickable decals
      • 4″ Centipede segments
      • Various sized mushrooms
      • Various gameplay and text decals
    • Pong
      • 50 vinyl decals
      • 30 2″ high center decals
      • 10 12″ high numbers
      • 4 6″ paddles