/content/us/en/promotions/mcrib/jcr:content/promolevel2image/fileSooooooooo remember way back in the day, when we were kids and McD’s was still a pretty good place to eat?  Then they came out with they most awesome sandwich in the whole entire world called the McRib?!?!  It was pork, shaped like it had bones in it… but actually bones free, lathered in BBQ sauce and begging you to eat 4-5 at a time? (FYI no, I am not 400lbs) Well…. it’s back!  ***Caution***  Chicken nuggets, Big Macs and Happy Meals have all changed pretty dramatically of the past 10 years so move forward with caution good friends.  Expect the worst, but secretly hope for the mouth-watering super yummy goodness.