According to the AP, Panasonic will introduce a 3-D camcorder in August in Japan and later this year in overseas markets.  Costing about $2,000 for all the bells and whistles, this camera is just the next step in the 3-d resurgence that was brought on by James Cameron and Avatar. 

While you will still need special glasses to view the video shot on this camera, Panasonic confirms that you will be able to view the video on rival electronic companies 3-D televisions such as Sony Corp. and Samsung models that are currently hitting the market. 

When broken down, it appears to be a fairly normal camcorder, but has a special 3-D lense.  Hopefully this will lead to a side market of just selling the lense to fit onto existing cameras. 

Either way, this is cool.  Now you can shoot your home videos in 3-D.  Even those naughty ones you make with your lady friends.