It’s just been announced that Sacha Baron Cohen (you know, “Borat” & “Bruno”) is attached to play the renowned rocker Freddie Mercury in a movie about the legendary rock band “Queen”.  It’s still fairly early on in the over-all process… but things appear to be moving along beautifully and shooting is slated to start-up next year.  According to

The film will focus on a period of a few years leading up to what was arguably Queen’s greatest moment: its performance at the Live Aid charity concert in 1985, when the band mesmerized London’s Wembley Stadium and a worldwide TV audience with such hits as “We Will Rock You” and “Radio Ga Ga.”

It also appears that both Queen’s estate and the three surviving members of the band are all on board with the film, which not only means we’ll get great music from it… but some fun “behind-the-scenes” perspective.

At the WGUB we are huge fans of great music, and in our opinion, Queen represents the best-0f-the-best in an era of Rock excellence!!  To this day, you can still fire up one of their albums and get some serious groove on.

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