Ok, we couldn’t hold it any longer (a problem we rarely face normally) so we are just going to announce it now.  Coming next week we will have our 1,00th post.  And as soon as it hits the site,  you can get in on our most epic giveaway ever, by simply commenting on the post on the site (not on Facebook, sorry!) Don’t worry it is a simple process, much like having a root canal.  But really it is going to be worth it.

Simply make a comment, tell us a joke, remember your favorite WGUB moment with us…Hell you can even insult our intelligence.  Anything will get you entered for the big drawing!

The giveaway will include some great items that we have talked about recently on the site.  Product will come from Gerber Knives, Thinkgeek, Sanuk, and many more.  You are going to want to get in on this one, and like badly.  You can choose to regift these items, but we recommend keeping them all for yourself.  Yeah, they are that cool.  High five to you guys for checking us out.  High five to us for just being awesome!