It’s here… it’s here… it’s here… it’s here!!!!!  Our 2,000th Post!!!!!!!!  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA… it happened!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay… we told you all about the supertyduper awesome amazeballs prize box, and what you have to do to win it, yesterday with “Post #1,999 What’s in the Prize Pack…”.  Now… it’s time!  

Comment your sexy little ass off at the bottom of this post for your chance to win.  We ask that you only enter once, but we’re tracking entries based on email addresses… and if you have more than one, then I guess you have a slight leg-up.  Yay for you!!  

Okay… are you ready?  We’re taking the weekend off to celebrate our big 02 and will be back on Monday to announce the winner.  

(PS We’re giving some other shiznit away on Facebook if you get your buds to “LIKE” us too… just saying)

One last word about your comments… for god’s sake, HAVE FUN!!!!!