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Hey Starbucks… it’s ABOUT TIME!

It’s an undeniable fact… Starbucks has the best coffee in the world (shut-up… it’s undeniable, don’t fight it!). And I’ll be upfront… they’re breakfast offerings are pretty badass as well, but rarely do I have the bones to drop $4 or $5 on a damn breakfast sandwich (especially when the Golden Arches, Yo Quero & Making it my way are all right around the corner for half price).

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Looks Yummy… Take a Picture

Okay… it’s inevitable, Christmas Morning Facebook will be covered wall-to-wall with little Sally’s new pogo-stick and Ricky’s shiny new DSi… Christmas day will be Aunt Nancy’s crazy sweater and the iPad your special someone went into debt for… then Christmas Dinner. Right around dinner time Facebook will look something like a photo spread from Good Housekeeping Magazine’s retarded step-brother.

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