It’s an undeniable fact… Starbucks has the best coffee in the world (shut-up… it’s undeniable, don’t fight it!).  And I’ll be upfront… they’re breakfast offerings are pretty badass as well, but rarely do I have the bones to drop $4 or $5 on a damn breakfast sandwich (especially when the Golden Arches, Yo Quero & Making it my way are all right around the corner for half price).  So… I’ve simply grabbed my Grande Coffee with an add-shot (or two) every morning… tossed loving glances at that mouth-watering bacon, egg and gouda cheese samich (samich not a misspelling… that’s how we say it at the dub-gub)… and left hungry.  Insert extreme self loathing here

BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!!  That’s right bitches (said lovingly and with extreme fervor)… starting THIS MORNING through January 10th you can get either the Veggie, Egg  & Monterey Jack Cheese or Applewood Smoked Bacon, Egg & Gouda Cheese artisan sandwich for $2 when you pick up any Starbies beverage (which you were going to do anyway).  Two Dollars!!!!  That is half the price it normally is, and equal (or less) than that McCrap down the street. 

Now… here comes the cautionary tale friends.  This is only for the next 6 days.  Why you ask… my guess is to quickly and efficiently addict you to the insanely yummy crack between a bun they’re serving up so when it does go back to $4-ish you be more inclined to pony up.  Duh… its economics 101 (weren’t you paying attention in High school?).  But who the frick cares!?!?!?  It’s kinda like the McHeartburn (if you’re into that kinda thing)… love it when you got it fools.  Then, the next time ye ole tummy is grumbling, instead of desperately wanting…. you can fondly reminisce.  Get your chow-on WGUBers… and remember every bite to its fullest taste-bud enticing crumb.  FYI I get nothing from Starbucks for this post… not that I wouldn’t take a little something. 😉