Why the “White Glossy Underground Board” you ask?

Years ago we used our unique talents of expressive wordsmithing to entertain those around us via the White Glossy Board in our office, publicly displayed for all to see.  Then, without notice, “The Man” decided it best to suppress our creative process and punish everyone… now the board is used for boring statistics and lame quotes-of-the-day.

Unbeknownst to them, they birthed the nation’s best underground movement of the 21st century (Too much?)…  they spawned the joining of our generation’s most creatively expressive minds.  They Created the:

… now… we are a group who not only share all of our creative and obviously twisted thoughts for the world to see, but we also share our opinions.  On what you say?  EVERYTHING!!!!  We ask people to send us stuff, and well… hahahaha… they do!  So we take it, and use it in the real world (on the beach, on the road, in our own living rooms) then we write about how it really works.  It’s a true unofficial, unauthorized, un-anythinged peer review… not some marketing company’s idea of what you want to hear!  We let you know if it’s really awesome.

Does it drown out the crying kids on a flight across the nation… does that knife really cut through bone, tin cans & a tomato with ease… will those snow-goggles really make me look dope without fogging?  You know… the important stuff!!!  Word!