By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the fabled OtterBox (No… it’s not a vagina)… if not, it’s basically a freakin tank you strap to your super-expensive mobile phone to keep it softly nestled from harms way.  With a slogan like “We’ve got technology covered”, they really explain it all.

I know what you’re thinking, “But WhiteGlossy, all you care about is your stupid iPhone 4″… well first of all, it’s not stupid… you are!  Secondly the people at OtterBox don’t put all of their eggs in one basket… nope!  They put them in lots of baskets, then throw the baskets around to see if the eggs break.  They have cases for the iPhone (duh!), the Evo, HTC Droid, iPad, Blackberry Bold, LG’s, Samsungs, Palms… and many other devices (see the full list HERE).  And each device even has different series to choose from… light impact, medium impact and toss it off a building and bounce it into a lake with it being okay impact.  It’s even supposed to be waterproof to a degree… but F-You if you think I’m tossing my phone into a pool to test it for you.  I love you guys… but there are bounds my friend.  Let’s just hug and call it a day!

For an idea on how this ridiculous little piece of mini-armor will keep your most valuable asset safe, OtterBox has tossed in a video they’d like you to check out:


With a pretty good variety of colors to choose from, and most of the Defender series coming with a nerd-clip Belt Holster… It really is hard to go wrong.  For the iPhone 4 (and 4s) the one I picked up (and Loooove for keeping my baby so safe) is the Black Defender Series Case ($50).  It is surprisingly not bulky like OtterBox cases I’ve seen in the past… and has a couple of hidden features that others don’t (belt clip can be used as a stand, with the OtterBox intact the phone can be a hard projectile, etc.).  In fact…I love this OtterBox soooo much, that as a reward for reading through to the end of this post… simply make a comment below (preferably something nice… or really really mean) and I will randomly pick one person to give one to.  That’s right… I will GIVE one person who comments below a $50 Black Defender Series OtterBox designed to fit the iPhone 4 (and 4s).  If you don’t have an iPhone 4, comment anyway and use it as a Christmas gift.  Some douche out there you know has one!  I’ll pick a winner at the end of this week.

There you have it… my take on the OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone 4.  Peace!