Dyson clearly has some of the smartest assholes on the planet working for him, cause these things are just plain cool.   Although I do worry about our kids growing up to be a bunch of pansies.  I mean how many times did your parents tell you not to stick your hands in a fan?  Guess how many times I did it just to see if they were full of shit?  About twice.  Personally, I would be more worried about kids getting their heads stuck in this, cause that is what I would be doing with them.  Either way, just the sleek coolness of these things are worth shelling out the upwards of over 3 bills for the small one.  However if they work as good as his vacuums work, (which I am a proud owner) then I would shell out for it in heart beat.  In fact, I feel a little guilty even calling these things fans.  I think I will call them, the future.