Even though we don’t understand the need for anyone to own one of these devices, we do not judge, we just report when they announce something cool.  Well, today they did.

TiVo has a new remote that has a full slide out keyboard.  Intended to make surfing YouTube videos easier and searching for shows to record.  All for 89.99 you can get this baby for your TiVo set-top box.  Some of the highlights of the product.

  • Finger-friendly slide out keyboard: Full QWERTY-format keyboard enables faster and easier text entry for Search, YouTube™, RSS and more
  • More powerful signal: Built-in Bluetooth® provides increased range and strength to accommodate clutter-free setups inside cabinets
  • One remote does it all: Learns commands for power, input, volume and mute directly from the remote controls of your TV and receiver
  • Easy to use in a dark room: Light sensor automatically activates glow feature on backlit keys and keyboard, so you never have to turn on a light
  • One-step activation takes seconds: Easy plug-and-play setup puts you in control in moments
  • Compatible with all TiVo Series3™, TiVo HD/HD XL, and Premiere/Premiere XL boxes. (If you received your TiVo Premiere from RCN, check back for updates on the availability of TiVo Slide for your box.)
  • While we much more prefer the Harmony Remote that we own, if TiVo is your thing, this might be a nice upgrade to your current remote.   Which begs the question, do any of our readers have a TiVo box?  If so why do you think it is a necessary piece of equipment to have in your home theater?