We’ve talked recently about how bad the unemployment situation is.  Are you part of the masses stuck in this horrible situation?  Are you at the brink of losing your home or have already lost it?  If you’re flying solo in this world and need somewhere to call home we have the ultimate mobile-home for you!  The Scooter Camper (TBD) is one smart ass Germans design that will keep you dry, functional and a little stylish at the same time.  Cornelius Commanns (the German designer) calls this little gem the “bufalino” and describes his creation as:

my aim was to give people a better understanding of the country, the surrounding,
and the range they have travelled. the travelling vehicle is always with you like some
kind of a base camp, while also being used for moving on in an easygoing and
spontaneous way.

You can find a full link to the website where this design was submitted (with many more pictures) HERE