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WTF 80?!?!?!

Hey 80’s… Was I the only one thinking of a gummy blowjob when the Wendy’s grandma asked seductively “Where’s the beef?”  Probably so, which is why… WTF 80’s?!?!...

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WTF 80’s?!?!

Hey 80’s… you know what?  You were way ahead of the game!  Different Strokes was the Celebrity Rehab of your time. WTF 80’s… you were a pioneer!

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WTF 80’s?!?!?!?

Alright… it’s time to come clean 80’s… what’s up with Mr. Belvedere?  Give me the dirt on that big British pervert.  Don’t hold back.  WTF 80’s?!?!  Tell me?!  I know you’ve got...

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WTF 80’s?!?!?!?!

Hey 80’s… or more specifically, Step by Step.  I hate you for leading me to believe the ocean was right next to the Colossus at Magic Mountain.   WTF 80’s?!?...

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