Just kidding… it’s our

1,000th POST!!!!!!!!!

What does that mean for you, other than the fact you now have access to 1,000 juicy little nuggets of awesomeness?  It means that one of you reading this right now will walk away with one hell of a “Thank you for being a Friend” prize package!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming by and hangin out with us every day (it is every day right?)… it’s your friendship that makes this whole thing possible, and fulfilling.  We love what we do… and dig that you’re on team WGUB right along with us.

Ok… I put my panties away and am ready to get on with it!

The rules… one more time: Simply comment below!  It can be a “Hiya”… a “You Suck”… a “Here’s a picture of my Hot friend Amber I thought you might like (with pic)”… anything you’d like!!!  You just have to comment (on our website… not on facebook) and you are instantly entered to win our treasure trove of geekdom.  The entire pot’s worth is estimated somewhere between $750 and $1,000,000 (likely closer to the mill)…. and here is exactly what will be in the box:

Gerber – Epic Knife ($55 Value) Fixed blade knives are rarely this dynamic. From the compact size and sturdy feel to the bottle opener and blunt tip, the Epic is the perfect knife for any camper. Cook, eat, drink, and be merry. The reversible pocket clip is designed for right or left carry. The locking sheath allows for tip up or tip down carry.

Gerber – Microbrew flashlight/bottle opener ($12.50 Value)

ThinkGeek – EvilTron ($10 Value)

ThinkGeek – Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter ($25 Value)

ThinkGeek – USB SATA-Drive Dock ($74 Value)

Wrapsol – for iPad ($40 Value)

Jabra – Clipper Bluetooth Stereo Headset($50 Value): Jabra CLIPPER is the newest addition to Jabra’s Stereo Headset range providing users with wireless stereo music and calls in one cool little Bluetooth® clip.  Jabra CLIPPER’s in-ear headphones block external noise which enhance its clear, vibrant music and calling quality – leaving you to get lost in your music rather than the outside rumble. However, to make sure you’re still connected to the outside world, Jabra CLIPPER automatically switches between your music and incoming calls to your phone. Plus, to prevent you from dropping out of range or leaving your phone behind Jabra CLIPPER cleverly features a mobile distance alert (within 10 m).  The Jabra CLIPPER is compatible with any device with Bluetooth technology and has the ability to connect to two different devices  at the same time. It also comes with a 3.5mm plug so that you can use your own favorite headphones.

Clean Bottle ($10 Value) Clean Bottle is made with 100% non-toxic, BPA-free plastics, making it safe to use over and over. Clean Bottle is also top-rack dishwasher safe, so you can run it in the dishwasher without fear of it breaking down.

Brunton – Solaris i6 Solar iPod Charger ($200 Value)

Nokero ($15 Value) – Worlds only Solar LightBulb

Sanuk ($Priceless) – 2 T-shirts, Brand Spankin New Air-Freshners, Patches, Stickers & their siiiiick Bottle Opener (Yayyyy Sanuk!)

Kraken/Starbucks – Over 21?  You get to take on the Kraken!!!  Under 21?  You get a warm cup of awesome Joe my friend!!!!

Gunnar Optics – MLG Legend Gaming glasses ($100 Value): Fighter pilot inspired, this design delivers GUNNAR’s i-AMP lens technology in a full coverage frame with headset compatible temples. If reduced reaction time, improved accuracy, and increased visual endurance are critical to your game then MLG LEGEND is your weapon of choice– SPEED KILLS

Air Hi-5’s ($1 billion): Receive a box full of air Hi-5’s.  Hermetically sealed by nude supermodel virgins that graciously volunteered to capture our hi-5’s between their supple breasts soft hands and delicately place them into the box for you to open and enjoy.

Something Special: Paystee has offered to give you something “extra special”, however he has yet to tell us exactly what it is.

There it is friends… a box of awesomeness designed just for you special people!!!!  We hope it was worth the hype (F-ck yes it is… don’t even think it’s not), and we especially hope you enjoy playing with each of these items as much as we enjoyed covering them with KY jelly and Christmas peeps then steam-rolling them with drunken sorority girls (the ugly ones).

Have a bitchen weekend and we’ll anounce the winner on Monday.