Are you like us and waited until the last week to finish up Christmas shopping?  Maybe you’ve just had a hard time thinking of really cool ideas.  Well have no fear, we are all about cool ideas.  Check out some of archived posts the rest is up to you!

Want some ultra nerdy stuff, that is still cool?  Check out our reviews of  Looking for some form of electronic goodness?  Our New..And Cool Enough to Be Here! is always a great place to start.  Have a manly man to shop for, Smells Like Outside might have your answer!  Looking for some game advice?  Check out our reviews and suggestions on games here.  Of course our reviews and Stuff section contains many items that are so awesome, they are just without category.  Looking to interject some style into someones’ life?  Looking Goooooooood is a good is a great place to start.

Are you done with the shopping and needing a way to pass the days until Christmas?  Want to get some humor injected into you?  Check out our local crazy man Paysteewhite.  His ramblings will have you somewhere between confusion and gut busting laughter.   Want something a little tamer, but just as awesome check out our other authors here and here.

Keep checking back, cause we are still going to rock the awesome this week!