From recent reports, Microsoft is building the hype for their new Kinect controller by letting us all know how much room we need in to play it.  Let me go on record right now, I don’t care if I need 6 feet or 60, I’ll somehow make this a part of my gaming system.  While I have thought the Wii was and still is a great idea, just the idea behind not having to use a lame ass controller has my nipples tingling  just a bit. 

 Trust me, I’ve seen too many YouTube videos of people chucking their Wii remotes into their plasma’s to realize that, is a huge problem.  It immediately alleviates all my concerns about challenging my drunk friends to a round of bowling.  Not only can I hang onto my beer and kick some ass, but about the only thing I really have to worry about is not falling over into the T.V. from lack of coordination.

Just for the record, my drunk friends and I don’t hang out on Friday nights and play Wii.  Totally hypothetical situation!