Okay, so can we all take a second or two and recognize how incredibly awesome Netflix really is?  I mean seriously!!!  This is the biggest little company that could (wait, did I mix my clichés?)  Anyway… a HUGE variety of movies to choose from, to be mailed to your lazy ass’ mailbox; a measly up-charge for switching your flixs-of-choice over to Blu-Ray ($4 more a month for me, and I have the 3-movies-at-a-time plan); and a WORLD of choices for streaming. 

Let’s focus on that for a min more… streaming.  Does the importance of this really sink in?  I can sit down right now and watch my choice of THOUSANDS of movies, instantly!  From barely colorized classic romantics, to just released head bashing action… I can literally have something playing within 60 seconds.  And the playable options are insane!!!  I can stream straight off my computer desktop, or walk into the “game room” and watch over the Xbox 360, or head into the bedroom and watch on my Roku, or plop the family down on the couch and catch it over my Sony Blu-Ray.  AND THAT’S JUST ME!!!  Oh, Oh, Oh… AND in a very short time I’ll be able to watch it on my f*ing iPhone.  My iPhone!!!  Are you joking?  That’s SICK!!!!!!  I can’t even imagine the different set-ups across the country available for your viewing pleasure.  And all of those options give me the luxury of watching several titles in Hi-Def.

If I were Blockbuster I’d be shitting my pants right now.  As it is, I’ve seen literally a dozen video stores go out of business or close location in the past year alone… and I firmly believe that it is entirely due to the awesomeness that is Netflix.  Netflix recently said in an interview that they feel Redbox is their competition… Bullshit I cry!  Redbox is lame, and a pathetic representation of what video stores used to be.  Netflix is the badass Kung Fu fighting ball-busting mutha fucka taking on the world, and making it work!

Viva la Netflix!