Here’s a look at what is hitting the big screen this weekend.

The Warrior’s Way:  Frankly I don’t know what this movie is about.  Upon first inspection I am going to say ninjas and samurai’s and the mystic powers of the orient.

Black Swan:  Natalie Portman stars in this movie about ballet, competition and getting in touch with your dark side.  Already getting some early buzz in Oscar talk.

Since that is the only new movie out this weekend, here is what you might have missed last weekend while stuffing your face with turkey and battling the mobs at the mall.

Love & Other Drugs:  The best romantic comedy of the season, if you are looking for a date night, this would be a great one to see.  Check out our review as well!

FasterDwayne Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton join star in this revenge movie.  Sure to have fast cars and tons of explosions.  Probably some guns.

Burlesque:  No, this movie isn’t “Showgirls” but it is about a small town girl wanting to make it in the Hollywood Burlesque scene.  Cher, Christina Aguilera, and Stanley Tucci star in this one.  Just reading the tag line reminds me of another movie I have seen, it was called Coyote Ugly.  For those of you hoping for an inadvertent nipple slip, either see Love & Other Drugs or don’t get our hopes up.

Tangled:  Walt Disney’s take on Rapunzel.  Mandy Moore lends her vocal talents to the lead role.

And here is what we are watching at home this weekend via Netflix.


6 Feet Under, Season 1, Disc 1:  I had to give up on Entourage.  Just didn’t do anything for me after two seasons.  I may need to check my man card on that one.  Picked this one up because it has one of my favorite actors, Micheal C. Hall in it.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:  What.  Now you really need my man card?


Blood Diamond: Never got around to this one… but heard how amazing it is.

Get Him to the Greek: It’s just not Saturday Night without a few good laughs.  Looking forward to seeing this one (while a little drunk mind you!)