Know someone who just can’t get rid of their Star Wars Underoos?  Well we’ve rounded up some great gift ideas for those Star Wars fans in your life.  Thanks to our good buddies at, you can make the force strong with whomever you choose to gift these items too.  (We won’t tell if you buy them for yourself either.)

Star Wars Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee: ($14.99) :Let the Dark Side steep (like that don’t ya) into your soul with this premium dark roast coffee.  Nothing says I am an evil, dark Sith lord when you are cranky in the morning due to lack of caffeine.  So make your underlings happy by having that morning cup of joe.  And they will stop calling you Darth Bitch behind your back.

Darth Vader Bread Imprinting Toaster: ($54.99): Studies show that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But sometimes, the same old eggs and toast can a get on the boring side.  And instead of looking for a images of Mary or Jesus on your morning toast, look for Darth Vader.  He is guaranteed to make an appearance every morning this way.  Just don’t slather too much Peanut Butter on his face, it tends to piss him off.

Star Wars Lightsaber Bottle Opener: ($14.99):  What better way to relax after a long day of doing battle against the Dark Side (or Carl from accounting).  But with your favorite tasty beverage.   What better way to pop a top then with your own bottle opener fashioned after Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber?  Doubtful you can think of a better way.  Unless you could shoot the tops off with Han Solo’s blaster.

Darth Vader Head Necklace: ($11.99):  Flava Flav has nothing on you when it comes to cool bling.  Ok this thing has little bling, because it is Darth Vader’s head on a chain.  But you won’t look nearly as dumb as Flava does.  Ladies, tired of men looking at your breasts?  Grab this, wear it and know with confidence that men are not looking at your cleavage, but your Darth Vader head.  Really can take  a weight off your chest. 

R/C flying Millennium Falcon: ($69.99):  While all of your friends are getting those little mini choppers or a Parrot A/R Drone, you are going to be rocking the fastest ship in the galaxy.  Screw them, you’ve got some tie-fighters to outrun.  Prepare to jump to Lightspeed bitches!

Star Wars Chop Sabers: ($12.99):  You know why Jedi are so tuned in with the Force?  Probably because they eat a lot of sushi.  What better way to be one with your body then by eating healthy fresh stuff.  And what better way to eat up that Yellow Tail then your own lightsaber chopsticks?  There is none.  What?  Can’t use chopsticks?  Don’t let Yoda hear you order a fork.  Do or do not, there is no try!