Honestly, who the f-ck really cares what they think as long as they keep selling iPads and video games… right?  I skimmed the Wall Street Journal’s article just to see what’s up… and it was actually pretty interesting.  I read through all the blah blah blah and found the juiciest of nuggets for you… a few fun items:

Best Buy Chief Executive Brian Dunn said the iPad had cannibalized sales from laptop PCs by as much as 50%.

television sales fell despite the rollout of new 3D models, with both average prices and total volumes notching “low-double digit” declines compared with last year.  “It has become largely a replacement market,” analyst Riddhi Patel at researcher iSuppli Corp said. “New features are not driving sales in a significant way.  People are saying, ‘I could buy a television or something totally new like an iPad that I don’t already own.'”

Best Buy, which reported a 61% jump in second quarter profit Tuesday despite flat sales at stores open at least 14 months, said it will showcase devices such as Apple Inc.’s iPad tablet computer and Amazon.com Inc’s Kindle e-reader this holiday season. It also plans to turn the middle of its stores into a playground for motion-sensing videogame accessories from Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp.  The new priorities are plainly evident in the changing strategy of Best Buy Co., the nation’s largest electronics retailer by revenue, which is now morphing into a mobile gadget specialist after decades of promoting the latest in big-screen televisions, desktop computers and high-fidelity stereos.

All-in-all, we’re going to see a lot of the mobile goodies kicking movies & music out of the isles this year.  If you can carry it and it makes noise… it will be front and center for “Santa” to see.  I’ll admit I’m a little surprised at the poor performance of TV sells considering it’s always changing, and you rarely ever see an old projector unit in someone’s house… but the numbers don’t lie.  As for 3D, I kinda hope it sticks around… have you actually checked one out?  It’s pretty dope!  So what is your guess on this season ultimate tech toy?  Is Apple going to rule the roost with its bevvy of new offerings?  Will the iPad be king?  Will Dewayne down the street finally lose his virginity?  Will the desktop computer officially die in 2011?  Will I ever stop asking redundant questions?  Is anyone even reading this?  I once stabbed a man in an alley near a bar just to watch him bleed.

Check out the full article in all it Wall Street Journal wonder HERE