Most guys like cars.  Most guys like computers.  Both are very useful in today’s society.  Well how about a company that melds these two just about…perfectly. provides a whole litany of flash drives for your portable computing needs, cleverly disguised as your favorite car.  These bad boys each hold 4GB of storage space, have working wheels and frankly look pretty bad ass hanging out of your favorite computer. And ringing it at just under $30 (depending on which car you want) this little toy is the perfect addition to your computing needs or a great stocking stuffer for that someone in your life that loves old cars and computers.

The company also makes a line of external 500GB Seagate hard drives for your storage needs.  Their current one that really catches  our discerning nerd vision is the replica of the Back to the Future DeLorean ($250).  Great Scott! While you might not be able to get this puppy up to 88 mph (and if you did you might lose your data) it still is one hell of a conversation piece.  Other models available are a 2010 Camero, Dodge Challenger, Mini Cooper, and Audi R8.

The company also offers some custom designs, so hit them up with your ideas.  They brag that they have over 1000 models in the works.  What you are looking for might just be one of them.