Okay… so about a week ago I talked about a ridiculous sports car that is just about guaranteed to get you laid.  Well, here is a luxury car that is almost assured to do the trick too.  The 2011 Audi A8 ($83,000-ish) brags about a ton of siiick features that most of us will never likely enjoy (22-way ventilated front seats, front/passenger/rear heated seats & steering wheel, rear vanity mirrors, etc. etc. etc), but damn it if we’re not going to still drool over the freakin thing when it rolls by.  This amazing piece of German engineering is a lottery fantasy inducing dream mobile.  Und Itz Vunderbra Wit Ze Frah-linez!!!

Want it?  Hell yes!!!  Buy it?  If you have the $83k lying around… why the hell not?!