If there is one thing you can say about your friends at the White Glossy Underground Board, it’s that we can find the geek in just about anything!!!  BBQ’ing is no different! 

Introducing the iGrill ($99).  This is not just your typical cooking thermometer that helps create the absolutely most perfect steak you’ve ever had… this is grill tech at it’s finest. 

Here is how iGrill themselves describes their invention:

iGrill is revolutionizing the way we cook & grill today!

The iGrill combines standard function, technical innovation and impeccable style to produce the most complete cooking thermometer on the market today.

Equipped with long-range Bluetooth®, useful Apps and a range of amazing features, iGrill turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into your own personal Sous-Chef.  Comes with:

  • One iGrill Probe
  • 4 AA Batteries
  • Purchase your iGrill today!

In a nutshell… hang with your friends instead of hovering over the grill (AMEN!).. your iPhone will let you know when your meat has reached the perfect temp.  I’ll just put it out there… I am notoriously bad at overcooking everything on the grill.  This thermometer/app combo not only makes my geek-sense tingle… it makes my inner-chef all giggly too.  To top it all off… the peeps at iGrill even tossed some recipes on their site for those of us looking for a little something new (Check it out HERE).  Oh… and it killed it at CES this past year in awards.  Get your grill on people!!!