Here is a look at what is up in the music Biz…

Whoops, She Did It Again:  Brittney Spears new single hit the air waves this week.  “Hold It Against Me” (trust us, we would love to Brittney).  A demo of the song leaked last week, which prompted Ms Spears to tweet.  “Heard an early demo of my new single leaked,” she tweeted. “If u think that’s good, wait til you hear the real one Tuesday.”  Her new album is out in March.

Get Your Meat Suits Ready:  Lady Gaga is rumored to be performing at this years Grammys.  They are being held on February 13th.

Top Ten TV Tunes:  Billboard recently ranked the Top 10 TV Theme songs.  Without looking at it, number one better be the theme to The Monkees.

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo:  Are you reading these books like everyone else in the world?   Did you know they are remaking the movies here in the states?  Nine Inch Nails front man Trent Reznor has signed on to do the score for “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”.  Reznor recently penned the score for the Golden Globe nominated “The Social Network” as well.

Winehouse is back!:  This lady makes my penis afraid.  But she is returned to the stage in Brazil recently, so a new album might be in the works?  Or is this a cash infusion for the next drug binge?

Paramore Update:  The remaining three band members caught up with MTV on their future and the  split with the Farro brothers.

The Foo Finish Up:  The Foo Fighters have finished their new album.  Angels sing and rejoice!  This is going to be a full on rock album.  No sleepy Foo ballads.  Which aren’t all that bad, but few rock out like the Foo can.