It’s that time of year WGUBers… every music mag & website in the world is telling you all about their favorite 10-20 albums of the year, songs of the year, omnisexual freakish encounters of the year and videos of the year.  We have a few opinions of our own on this matter… but what the hell do we know?  We’re a bunch of white boys who get goosebumps over a techno-re-edit of the original Mario Brothers theme song.

For this particular task we bow to the masters.  We checked in with, and… all sites that we give mad props and chunks of respect to daily.  We combed through their tops lists and found they actually agree on quite a bit, namely the fact that Kanye West’s newest album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” (which we reviewed HERE) is the bee’s knees (#1 on all three sites).  Have some time… check out a little something from the album below (Not safe for nosey ears):


Outside of Kanye we found Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, Broken Bells, Vampire Weekend, Phoenix and much much more… all very deserving in our opinion.  For the complete lists we highly recommend getting your rock-geek on at any (or all) of the below.  Have fun!

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