How often do you find yourself in a situation where you need to make a quick entry into your fuel log, or checkbook and a pen n’ paper are nowhere to be found?  With all of the tech floating around our world… something as simple as a pen is hard to locate at times.  But I ALWAYS have my trusty iPhone snuggled closely in my pocket… warm, happy, ready to do my bidding.  Sooooo… it only makes sense that I just use that.  Duh!  But how?

Answer: Quick Entry (FREE)!  Quickly and easily open the app… enter the number (fuel cost, grocery total, etc.)… give it a quick category… and complete it with an email to yourself (with type of attachment options).  Jeez people, could they make this any freakin easier for us?!?!  Oh, they did.  You can attach GPS coordinates to the entry so you can remember where you were.  Are these people for real?  How has this not already been done with such ease?  I’ve seen apps similar than this elsewhere… but they are so damn jumbled and even I have a hard time navigating them on the fly. 

The foolios at Dillon and Lyon Solutions have really knocked this one out of the park with what appears to be their first app in the store.  Incredibly easy and quick to use for those of us who need to remember info but don’t have time to scrounge up a pen and scrap paper (or remember where we put it for that sake).  And since it’s free… totally worth a try I’d say.  Word!

Here’s how they Describe it:

Need to collect data QUICKLY with minimal keystrokes and have it emailed to you as a file?

Try Quick Entry, the app that focuses on one thing… a fast and simple way to collect any kind of numeric data, by category, and email it to you in a number of file formats for quick import to Excel or any other application.

And attached to your data, if desired, are the GPS coordinates of the data along with altitude.