I’m going to do something for you today… probably the best thing any of your friends have done for you in a long long time.  Go grab your wallet/purse and keys… get your jacket if you’re a wuss… and come right back (it’s ok, I’ll wait).

Okay, are you ready… you’re going to Trader Joe’s (not sure where one is?  It’s okay… go HERE).  Walk in and go directly to the person standing at the little “new shit” kiosk just inside the door.  Tell them that you need (yes… NEED) “Speculoos Cookie Butter“… follow them to it like a 4-year-old following Mom & Dad to the car on the morning you’re going to Disneyland for the first time… grab one of the sample spoons at the snack stand in the store (you’ll need it soon)… drop the best $3.69 you will ever spend in your entire life… then sit in your car and mouthgasm your ass off.  I will leave the comments open on this post so you can thank me later.

Just in case you want to know what you’re looking for I took the liberty of snatching up a few pics before I finished of the most recent jar (you are welcome).  Check it:


The doting upon us for showing you the real manna from heaven may now begin.