It’s only been 4 days since the CIA (yeah, the Central Intelligence Agency) joined Twitter and they are already at celebrity level status with followers, favoriters, and retweeters (pretty sure I just made up two of those words.).  At the time of this posting they are already at 621,000 followers.  “How in the hell does a boring bureaucratic agency like the CIA get that many followers so quickly?” you might be asking yourself (we did).  Well, it helps when your first tweet looks like this:

CIA1stTweetYup… the CIA just proved that they have game.  Did I immediately follow them after reading this inaugural tweet?  Hell yes.  If this is just the beginning I can’t wait to see what else they kick out into the Twittersphere.  You might be asking yourself what other government agencies have jumped into the Twitter Universe as well, and after a quick inspection of the 25 pages the CIA follows (come on, you weren’t super curious too?) we discovered a number of them from Homeland Security to the Air-force and Darpa.  All perfectly Legit… and all pretty cool.  It kind of makes me happy to think my tax dollars are also paying for some Social Media knucklehead to sit around Tweeting about all things government.  No really… in fact, I’m kind of jealous!

Go get your Twitter on people… and follow our government in action!