As you’ve probably noticed… we have a special place in our hearts for the Audyssey: South of Market dock.  What?  You have no idea what I’m talking about?  Read our full Review HERE

Ok… I’ll be straight with you, I get a little audiophile chubby when I turn this thing on.  I’m not going to lie… it KICKS ASS!!!!!  We did our own little person sounds comparison… (as you can read in the previous post)… but now Audyssey wants you to take them to the mat.  For reals.  Mano-y-mano against the so-called heavyweight champion of the world… Bose.  Who won?  They have their results, and are asking you to put on a judges cap and give then your two cents.

Go HERE for the official site.

In the words of our favorite kitchen stadium Chairman… “CHALLENGE!!!!!!!”  (okay, he yells something else that is loosely translated to Go! Kitchen!, but you get the point)