That’s right… the cast, as in that thing that doctors have used for many many many years to help mend broken bones.  Funny if you really think about it… aside from now being able to get a wide variety of different colors, the cast has hardly changed at all over the years.  Well, it’s finally happened!

Introducing Exos Musculoskeletal Stabilization (Various).  A Waterproof and reconformable cast for your broken bones!!!  Just the thought of water on a cast brings back painful memories of giant plastic bags and duct tape whenever I wanted to take a bath or shower… then there were those other times when I had a broken bone.  However you look at it… I can’t believe it’s taken this long for somebody to make the cast better, but I sure as hell am glad they did.  The only downside to this cool advancement is that you’ll no longer have a cast for all your friends to sign when you’re stupid enough to try a triple backflip on the trampoline… errr, or whatever you did to break an arm.

Here’s how the makers at Exos explain their new tech:

Exos technology is the world’s first dry heat, fully customizable, adjustable, reconformable, waterproof splinting, casting and bracing system. This revolutionary technology is designed to dramatically change the clinical practices for external musculoskeletal support and stabilization.

The technology consists of three layers of high tech polymers and foam that when laminated together create a lightweight matrix with features that have multiple benefits for practitioners and their patients. Exos products feature easy to use, clean, waterless application that do not require water, stockinette or cotton padding for application. They are simple to remove and do not necessitate the use of messy, loud, often disturbing cast saws. Exos products provide excellent stabilization with superior comfort for greater patient compliance.

Thank you to our Facebook buddy Michael Rose for the heads-up on this cool new medical advancement… and we really hope your son feels better soon!