We previewed this phone for you shortly after CES, (memory lane) mostly because it gave us a nice tingley feeling when we saw it, and saw just how powerful it was going to be.

Word today is that pricing for the phone has been released and frankly we were a little surprised on it’s affordability.  According to sources, the phone itself will run around $200 with a two-year contract on AT&T.  Considering all that it can do, that seems like a bargain basement price.As we mentioned before, this phone has a compatible device that turns the phone into a full working laptop.  The laptop shell was announced today as well that it will go on sale for $400 with a $100 rebate.  

For $500 you basically get a pretty neat deal.  Although rumors are that you will have to have AT&T’s $45 “Data Pro smart phone plan and tethering add-on” if you go this route.  We are not sure if that means if you plan to use the laptop dock or if you need that just to have the phone.   We feel it is probably the former since that makes the most sense.

However, least us forget the Atrix will have another dock that you can hook in other USB peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, & monitor.  No word on what this dock will cost or if you will have to data plan up for it.  But unless you really want the laptop dock, you might be better served to go this route and just use your current portable computer.  Assuming you need one after you get the ATRIX 4G.

More to come as we get it.