It is finally here, Superbowl weekend.  Here is our take on the big game.

The Case For The Steelers:  We have been high on the Steelers all season.  They showed a lot of moxie making it through the first four games 3-1 without Big Ben. They were able to come together after injuries killed both their offensive and defensive lines and still finish the season with the number one scoring defense.  The offense was adequate behind Ben Roethlisberger who quietly put together a rather good season.   The Steelers can run the ball, have fast receivers, a great tight end.  Not to mention they field the defensive player of the year.

nfl_logoThe Case For the Packers:  Is there any hotter quarterback than Aaron Rogers?  Aside from a bumpy NFC championship game, he has played lights out over the past month.  The Green Bay offense is playing so well right now, that you wonder if having two weeks off might be the only way to slow them down.  On the other side of the ball, the Packers field a great defense.  Lead by Clay Matthews, they know how to get after the QB.  Green Bay is second in the league this season in scoring defense.   This might be one of the most complete teams we have seen in a long time.

The Game:  I am going to point to one player that will make a huge difference.  Maurkice Pouncey.  If he plays, the Steelers are a much better team offensively.  If not, it could be a long day for the Steelers against a blitz happy Green Bay team.   Every sign points to Green Bay winning this game.  They are the hottest team right now and have the great offense to match the great defense.  My chief concern with that line of thinking is I wonder if the game is going to be too big for them since the core of the Steelers have all been to the game recently.   I have been high on the Steelers all season, I like everything about them from coaching on down.  And even though my gut is telling my to pick the Packers for this game, I will stay true to my thoughts from earlier in the season.  I will pick the Steelers to win, in a very close game.  27-24 is will be the score.

PS:  For the record, I am not being a Steelers homer.  I am actually a 49ers fan, so this is completely unbiased opinion on the game.