The other day I was sitting there at the donut shop gym and a thought popped into my head… my Kung-Fu grip is weak sauce.  I’ve gradually moved from just the bar… to a couple of weights on each side… to now being able to grasp, and lift, a full 15lbs in each hand.  I know… impressive!  But then I began to have difficulty.  The heavier the weights became the harder I found it to hold on tight to the extra weight.  Gasp… what do I do???

The answer… Pro Hands!!!  I picked up the ProHands Medium Tension Grip Master ($15) and started squeeze squeeze squeezing my way to one hell of a stronger grip.  With 7lbs per pressure for each finger, it really didn’t take long before I started noticing a difference.  Not only was my grip much more secure, but other things changed.  Jars are easier to open, I can choke out bums in like half the time and even punching came with a more solid pow.  So what the hell… I moved up.

I graduated to the ProHands Heavy Tension Pro ($21).  Holy shit!  Yes, it was quite a bit more difficult at first at 11lbs per pressure for each finger… but after my hands started to build strength it was CRAZY.  I could grab and hold onto anything!!!!  If I were Sly and holding onto that chick dangling off of the side of that mountain in “Cliffhanger”… dude, with the ProHands Heavy Tension… that lady would’ve grown old and died happy instead of slipping out of my grasp and fell thousands of feet to her bone-melting demise.  Fo Sho!!!


The ProHands advertise that they are also great for building strength in all kinds of sports: Tennis, Golf, Yoga, Football, Computer Stress, Handgun use, Baseball, Bowling and a grip (pun intended) of other physical activities.  However… the way I see it, if you’re dangling a few thousand feet over mother-nature and need somebody to lend you a life-saving grasp… who do you want?  Sylvester Stalones roided out veiny hands… or some dudes ProHands built super-grippers that have been worked out to the individual finger muscles???

Yeah… that’s what I thought.  Viva la ProHands!!!