(in my best Bob Dylan impersonation) “Everybody must get stoned go bowl”… August 7th that is.  That’s right my friends who enjoy sticking their fingers in three holes at once just a little too much.  July 31st-August 7th (as in RIGHT NOW) is National bowling week!!!!  Hazahhh!!!!  On top of that amazingly fantastic news (PS – can you sense the sarcasm?) gobowling.com has teamed up with nearly every single bowling alley across the nation to give… are you ready… one free game of bowling to anyone that goes online and prints their super-coupon!!!  Why?  Because on Saturday, August 7th, they are attempting to break the world record for people bowling a game.  Sick right?  Yeah, I didn’t think so either.  To bowl… or not to bowl… that is the question.  Me?  I may dust off the ole’ 16 pounder and kick some 10-pin ass.  We shall see.

Muchos Gracias to our amigos at logicbuy.com for the coupon!