A couple of months ago I told you about a bitchen new line of sunglasses brought to you by the cats at Zeal Optics (You can Remember with us HERE).  While the glasses I talked about before can easily be used on the slopes, or pretty much anywhere… today I’m here to talk about their sports line… more specifically their active/sports pair named the Helix ($149).

 I’ve covered quite a few sports glasses over the past months, some extremely high-end… some entry-level, but nearly all of them have a big thing in common… they’re kinda small.  Yeah… sports glasses are all designed to be light-weight and hug your face with very little chance of falling off, but many of the styles we’ve seen tend to be a bit on the little side.  Now, I don’t have a huge head… in fact, I’d say it fairly average… but it does have some dimension that makes picking up new shades a little difficult.  Especially with regards to athletic glasses.  Then I found the Helix.

It has all of the great things you look for in an awesome pair of sunglasses:

We all know that businesses have the ability to hire marketing people and creat all kinds of fun things to make them sound important… but as a completely impartial writer, and someone dedicated to bringing you an honest look at cool new gear… the Helix is a pretty great set of sunglasses that absolutely perform at every level they claim to.  From slope-side, to the street, to the beach, to out in the water… these badass little shades kept my eyes sun & glare free!  Including the time I was out in the big drink where the sun has a nasty reflection bounce… I was gleefully squint free so I could focus on the task at hand (being awesome, in case you were curious).

Very cool style!  Incredibly comfortable!  Light!  Excellent Grip!  and… AND… for all of you that actually give a damn about this beautiful world of ours, these are incredibly Earth friendly!!!  Made of resin instead of the harsh polluting oils that most sun specs are made of.

Sunglasses with a conscience (yes Zeal… you may use my completely awesome tagline that I just created.  You’re welcome.)  Toss in the cool zip-up hardshell case and cleaning cloth/soft bag and you have everything you could EVER need in a high-performance pair of sunglasses.  Word!