Back towards the beginning of March we told you about a pretty cool new idea from a company calling themselves (Remember along with us… and check out their bitchen commercial, HERE).  Well, being the dope cats that we are… and making sure that what we say stands the test of time… we joined.  And… we love it!!!

The first shipment took 3-4 weeks to arrive, and since then… we’ve been getting our package of ready to go razors like clockwork.  In a nutshell, the razors are everything they promised.  Sharpened to perfection… lubed up with one of those magical soft strips that razors have now… and awesomely ready to use.  The first delivery comes with a razor holder (much like the ones that you buy in the store), a membership card and 5 disposable heads…  which is, well, everything you could possibly need!!!  Duh.


From that point on they ship only the heads so make sure you keep that holder (not sure yet if they ever send a new holder) oh, and a cool message with big thanks for still being part of the club.  So, these are razors… and there is truly only one function for them, but these little guys do it perfectly!

There you have it… they built a big hype with their creative and fun viral commercial, then backed it with a legit product that totally delivered the way they said it would.  How cool is that!!!  I’m just wondering who I’m ripping off by getting these razors for so cheap?  Every razor I’ve bought in the past, all of which were easily equal or inferior in quality, cost WAAAAAAAAYYYYYY more.  What gives?  Are these guys straight slappin’ suckas in the face with this idea?  My thoughts… WHO CARES!!!!  Mad props and big thanks!!!

Viva La!!!!!