I’m going to be completely honest for a second… we never actually thought the Zombie Apocalypse was really going to happen.  Seriously, it was always just a little something fun that we’ve done to play along with all of the hype.  You know, zombie movie here… zombie tv show there… zombie toys everywhere, but this shit just got real!!!  I mean really real.  And I’m a little scared.

I will say that when we put together all of our lists of what you’ll need to survive we honestly did put a ton of thought and preparation into it.  We even live tested a ton of it out in the world to make sure it was functional.  Go see everything we’ve put together to help you stay ahead of the brain-munching hoards right HERE (or at any time by clicking on our section “Zombies!!!!!” to the left).  What has me all a-quiver?  Surely you’ve heard about the guy high on (insert govt. bullshit excuse here) that was found literally chewing off the face of some random homeless guy on the side of a Fwy overpass?  Yeah… I thought it sounded like a load of crap too… insert legit news source now:


Get your life in order people… GET YOUR LIFE IN ORDER!!!!!