Yes… that sounds like a bit of a stretch, but it just might be true.  OK… to be clear… we are in no way saying that eating a McD’s burger is the secret to living forever (quite the opposite)… Hellz to the NO!!!!  What we are saying is that the McD’s burger has in-fact proven itself immune to aging.  I’ll let you wrap your brain around that for a second.

Alright… you may remember way back in October of 2010 we told you about a talented New York City Photographer named Sally Davies who had an idea (you can remember along with us HERE).  She heard somewhere that the McD’s Happy meals didn’t have a half-life, took here brilliant eye for the unique, and decided to prove to the world that we are nasty ass people who eat disgusting crap.

She is now on day 637… and… well… just take a look at the pictures.  Oh, and for the love of God… stay away from McDonalds!!!  We love you!!! (click the photo below to view all the pictures)