So, we’ve been doing our best to reach out into that dark and scary world known as the indie band circuit for some time now.  Maybe it’s partly due to the giant gaping holes in our soul and our desperate attempts to find something new and meaningful as mortar for the emotional gaps.  Or maybe it’s part of our never-ending effort to make the world a better place (what?  we do that!).  However you want to position it, as long as you slap on a pretty bow and call us heroes…. well, that’s all that matters.

I digress…. Today, we are here for the bands!!!  More specifically, NEW BANDS!!!!  We are going to start introducing new sounds and talent to all of our loyal WGUB readers.  Music inspires… lifts you up… and on occasion, helps you get your groove on.  Today, and every Thursday going forward, we’ll scour the web… seedy coffee houses… and YouTube for those diamonds in the rough (and dude… there is a LOT of crap to sift through!).

So… get some decent computer speakers, or a nice set of headphones and let’s get all tingly in our special places together!!!

Sidenote: if you are a guitar strumming, drum banging, mic squealing member of the underground band scene SEND US YOUR MUSIC!!!!  YouTube, video, iTunes link or regular old snail mail… if you’d like us to take a listen in hope of letting the world know who you are, stop sitting on your ass and get it over to us!!!!  You can find out contact info HERE.

Peace… Love…and Rock N’ Roll!!!