Introducing… UNREAL!!!

Let’s look at what has happened to the world, with regards to candy.  Is chocolate really that bad?  Can I get cool colors on my M&M’s without a chemical dye?  Are those peanuts in my snickers really peanuts?  I think what has happened in the candy world isn’t that the candy our parents and grandparents grew up loving became unhealthy… it’s that the candy our parents and grandparents grew up loving had a ton of shit added to it so the mega-candy corporations could cut costs, which made it unhealthy.  Whether is was to make the candy last longer on shelves or to cut the cost of real ingredients… in just one generation the time-honored candy classics have gone from great, to crap.

Well, every story needs its hero… Hercules vs the Hydra, David vs Goliath, John McClane vs Hans Gruber… in the real world… in this story… our hero just may be UNREAL Candy!!!

The brilliant confectioners (whom I’d also describe as chocolate mad scientists) at UNREAL are taking candy back to the where it’s supposed to be.  Natural!!!  Actual Chocolate!!!  FREE OF SHIT!!!  And they’re doing it all on a mass-market scale.  That’s right… instead of pumping GMO’s, chemicals and other shiznit into chocolate… they’ve used their brains, along with a little modern technology, to create a healthy version of our time-honored favorites.  Here’s the Breakdown (with more options being added all the time):If you look closely you’ll see Peanut M&M’s™, Regular M&M’s™, Snickers™, Milky Way™& Peanut Butter Cup™ candies.  Are you ready for WHY this new candy maker is truly so a-mah-zing?

That’s right… No Corn Syrup, No Partially Hydrogenated Oils, No Artificial Ingredients, No GMOs, No Preservatives, Low Glycemic Index, Less Fat, Less Sugar and Fewer Calories.  Like I said before… NO SHIT!!!!  Is this real?  Am I dreaming?  Can I finally eat a candy bar without all the endless guilt that follows?  YES I Say… YES!!!!

To prove that we are not just some corporate junkies who merely regurgitate the flashy promises of big business… we bought some.

That’s right, we went to a local store… grabbed 3 different UNREAL products… unwrapped and had a good old fashioned taste-test.

Our thoughts:  They are damn tasty, and actually pretty close to their icky and unhealthy counterparts!!!  Great flavor.  Yummy consistency.  Melt in your hand and mouth chocolate excellence (which real chocolate is supposed to do!)  And the best part… it was missing that weird waxy/oily coating you get in your mouth after eating chocolate these days.  I can truly and honestly report that side-by-side the UNREAL candy is up to par with the big guys.  There is a tiny bit of that “This tastes a little healthier than the other guys” rumbling through your mind… but dammit… IT IS HEALTHIER!!!  And that’s a good thing!!!

If you haven’t run out to grab your Halloween candy yet this year… or you’re a snacker looking for something worthy of your daily caloric intake… you truly need to stop your search.  Hell… if you don’t believe us, go get your own!!!  UNREAL is found in tons of places… and on the verge of being EVERYWHERE.  You can find out where to pick some up right HERE.

And if all of that isn’t enough… how about an endorsement from none other than Bill Gates?