As I mentioned yesterday… and earlier in the week… this afternoon we will give you our 2,000th post!!!!  What does that mean for you???  PRIZES!!!!!!

First, the rules… Simply add a comment to our post!  It can be “What’s Crackin”… “Your Mom Smells like old tires”… “Here’s a picture of my Hot friend Amber I thought you might like (with pic)”… anything you’d like!!!  You just have to comment (on our website… not on facebook) and you are instantly entered to win our treasure trove of geekdom.  The entire pot’s worth is estimated at $63,000(ish)…. and here is exactly what will be in the box (click on the item to see our full write-up):

  1. Is It a Spider? or a Podium? SpiderPodium ($20)
  2. Amplitube iRig  ($40)
  3. iChill ($8,000)
  4. Custom designed iPad Sleeve from Rickshaw ($85)
  5. Bottle from our Tasty Libation of the Week… Maker’s Mark Whiskey ($1mil)
  6. Supertooth Disco Bluetooth speaker ($150)
  7. Autographed Picture of Carrot Top ($15k)
  8. 1-Year Membership to the Dollar Shave Club ($12-ish)
  9. Pair of Maui Jim Mala Sunglasses ($320)
  10. Jabra Sport Bluetooth Headphones ($99)
  11. ProHands GripMaster ($15)
  12. Element Pro Forma iPhone4 Case ($150)
  13. The little Asian kid from Indian Jones will sing “happy birthday” to you live via Skype (with the exception it may be just some child and not even an Asian one)
  14. Nokero Worlds only Solar LightBulb ($15 Value)
  15. Bear Grylls Gerber Ultimate Survival Knife ($62)
  16. Air Hi-5′s ($1 billion): Receive a box full of air Hi-5′s.  Hermetically sealed by nude supermodel virgins that graciously volunteered to capture our hi-5′s between their supple breasts soft hands and delicately place them into the box for you to open and enjoy.
  17. Something Special: Paystee has offered to give you something “extra special”, however he has yet to tell us exactly what it is.

And there you have it… the prize box that puts all other prize boxes TO SHAME!!!!!!!!  And… there is a pretty damn good chance it will be yours.  Keep an eye out peeps… it’s coming this afternoon!!!