I realized after my quasi-drunken ramble earlier this week, followed by a WWE style Smackdown of our 20 most popular posts of all time over 20 hours… you may be a little perplexed as to what the hell it is we are up to.  Understood.

Here’s the short version: this post is number 1,998.  Tomorrow is not only our 2nd Anniversary… but it will also be the day we launch our 2,000th post (pretty cool timing huh!).  Who knew that week we all spent in a Tijuana prison would actually work out to our benefit?  Guess we owe Paystee a big thanks for that (and the Clap).

So… back to what the hell it is we’re doing (and how you win the box of sweet sweet gear).  Tomorrow morning we will drop #1,999 reminding you of everything going into the box of awesome.  Then… sometime tomorrow afternoon (around 2 PST)… we will lay upon you the glory of our 2,000th post.  The post with which you must comment on to win lots of Free Stuff.  ANY COMMENT!!!!  Good?  Are we in sync?  Do you understand?

Talk to you tomorrow!