Boy, if all our readers could be a fly on the wall for our lunch conversation today…..

Crazy Uncle Paystee: True story I was reminded of, actual convo in Vegas casino bathroom, for privacy sake we’ll say the name of the casino backwards was MGM,at urinal with gentlemen I don’t know. “Man….can you imagine all the bad things that have happened in here?” Guy looks up at me. “Yeah”…(Chuckles) Me-“I guarantee somebody’s been murdered in here, had sex in here, been raped, donkeys have been raped, coke all over the place… everything man.” Guy doesn’t look back at me, says “don’t look at my dick.” Zips up and walks away.  One of those conversations I’ll never forget.

WhiteGlossy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The porn industry is shutdown from any further filming!!!! One of the thesbians, yes a lesbian thoroughbred, has AIDS and each of her partners must be tested to find the epicentre.  I honestly have no funny for this, I just want this fixed fast.

P.S. Fans…This is our 1500th post!  Boooooo Ya!