We are so freakin excited about the 1000th Post giveaway we can hardly contain ourselves!!!!  It will happen this week, even if we have to fill our site with senseless crap to make it happen!!!  (No smartass… “we don’t already do that”).

Remember the rules… just make a comment on our 100th post (Hint: it will be titled something like, oh… I don’t know… “1000th POST!!!!!!”).  You can simply say Hi… or tell us about your all-time favorite WGUB post… or if you’re having a bad day, use us as your personal verbal punching bag (it’s what we’re here for buddy… and we can take it).  However you choose to stop by and do it… just make sure it happens.

You’ll feel like a Pirate who just discovered a buried treasure ARRRRRRRRRRGH!  And while the bounty may be a little on the geek side, we guarantee there will be much to enjoy for all!  Hell… you can even re-gift the whole damn thing and barely spend a dime of your own money on Christmas.  Dude… how awesome would that be!?!?!?!?  You can smother it in cholesterol and take a bath in it for all we care… we just want you to try to get it!

We don’t want your email… we don’t want your life-long patronage (though that would be cool)… all we want from you, is a comment!  The prizes?  Exactly?  We already told you they would be cool things from Gerber Knives, ThinkGeek & Sanuk… we also have a thing or two from Wrapsol, Jabra, Nokero, a couple of surprises and some stuff that we still have to tell you all about! 

This is our last tease… the next time you see a post about this, we’ll give you the entire prize list… and it will be soon (fore-play should only last so long).  You’re gonna love it… we promise!!!!!  (Are you excited yet?)