Soooo… in case you haven’t noticed a trend with us yet.  We, surprisingly, have a little bit of structure with our site.  Eggshell & I release our posts at the top and bottom of the hour (give or take a few min)… with Paystee’s stuff dropping at the 15’s and 45’s.  Yeah… bet you didn’t know that did ya!?!?

Why?” you ask.  Mostly so we don’t stuff your Facebook or emails (yes, you can sign up for email notices) with a mad rush of thoughts all at once.  But also to give the impression we’re working hard all day long and not completely wasted and unable to operate a doorknob by 2:30.

Why am I filling you in on our little secret?”  First of all… you sure do ask a lot of damn questions!  But mainly because I hate to think that you’re eagerly refreshing our site all neurotic like over and over throughout the day.  All you have to do is set your alarm to go off at the top, and bottom, of every hour and your golden.  Granted… we don’t post something at the top and bottom of EVERY hour.  But we try.

There you have it… a little behind the scenes sneak-peak at the White Glossy Underground Board.  Next, we’ll post a “behind the scenes” look at that strange new mole on my back (with pics).  YAY!