Maybe that Facebook stock gutted your portfolio like it did Billionaire Mark Cuban.  If you can’t afford that new Diablo or a classic Countach here’s an alternative so you still rock the Lambo Bull.  Lamborghini has recently revealed not one but two new feature phones as well as an Android powered, gold-plated smart phone and tablet.  The smart phone is the TL700.  It sports a 3.7-inch, 800×480-pixel screen faced with sapphire glass and runs Android 2.3 while being trimmed in a not so Vegan safe crocodile skin, all for just $2,791.  The tablet is the Lamborghini L2800 tablet, which delivers a 9.7-inch HD screen, a 1.2GHz processor and 512MB RAM.  It might be the price of four iPads but as the ever so wise David Lee Roth once said “it’s doesn’t matter if you win or lose…it’s how good you looked.”

Lamborghini will be releasing their new smart phone and tablet line in Russia this summer.       But don’t worry…the company promises to hit stateside by the end of the year.