I love art!  I love the expression of all things.  I love the fine line and delicate balance between art and complete insanity.  And above all else… I love it when art moves me!!!  Now, I’m not saying that everything following iwas awe-inspiring or amazingly creative… but they were enough to make me think “huh, that’s kinda cool“.  What do you think?

Procession (Exodus)” is an art installation made with model figures, oil paint, ash, pigments and light, by Clinton De Menezes.

LIGHT: B1-Lights: 

Lamp 00.00.00 by Kranen & Gille (Break where you want light, plug-in and enjoy):


Sometimes art is 1 part brilliance, 2 parts WTF!!!  Case-in-point… “Comfortable Bubble Tree“.  Bubble Tree is an idea from Pierre Stephane Dumas. A transparent bubble where you can have all the necessary things that assure beautiful moments in the middle of nature (as long as it’s not a view of your friends pointing and laughing). Inside the bubble a constant temperature can easily be kept… and clean-air circulation is part of the design.





Great Photography?  NOPE!!!  Amazing art!!!!!  The time spent behind some of these pieces are truly amazing.  The lines and detail is so fine they may have used a freakin magnifying glass to pull it off!  A couple of these are obvious only because of the coloring… but most are truly amazing.